Careenage in Bridgetown

Bridgetown Barbados Tourist Information and Vacation Guide

The Careenage is the natural harbor that runs from the Caribbean Sea to the center of Bridgetown Barbados.

It has been transformed from a place where schooners were once turned on their sides for scraping (i.e. careened) to a popular tourist destination.

Careenage in Bridgetown Barbados
Careenage, Bridgetown Barbados


The harbor is currently used as a marina for luxury yachts and excursion boats.  Visitors to the island can enjoy a stroll along the boardwalk or can catch a lunch or dinner cruise from the harbor.

The Chamberlain Bridge crosses the harbor near the Parliament Buildings.

Bridgetown's Careenage is certainly one of the most easily identifiable landmarks on the island.

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